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How It Works?

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Post a project

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We will understand your requirement and budget

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Select no. of quotations you want

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We will assign domain and skills experts

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Select the best quotation and let the work begin

Why Us?

Think of us as your partner, your personal team, or an extension of your business who are working really hard every day just to make sure your time is not wasted on unproductive chores.

One stop shop

We have added more than 50+ services under one platform so that you get everything under one roof.

Verified Contractors

All of our contractors and service providers go through a strict background verification process.

Quotation Comparison

Our platform gives you the power to sit and order multiple quotations and compare pricing for better decision.

Proper Contracts

Projects begin with contracts that contain project deliveries, payment timeline, etc for securing the deal.

Save time

Time is Money. Once you post a project, your headaches are ours, and we work like we are a part of your company.

Why People Love Us

    Customer testimonials somebuddy.in
  • I can't thank Somebuddy team enough, their quotation comparison feature helped us in saving over one lakh. They really mean it when they say they are like your team. I literally had to just post the project and that's it.
    Dhananjay Malapure
    Satnam Traders
  • I appreciate your team for taking out the time to provide the right human resources that have helped us in creating beautiful products and speed up our process of production, increasing our overall productivity.
    Zaran Bhagwagar


What is Somebuddy?

We work with SME owners, supervisors and purchase managers who are facing or struggling with the problem of finding right contractors at the right price to provide the right service. What we provide is a platform where you can find experienced contractors and service providers from almost all domains and compare quotations, reviews, and profiles of these contractors to make the right decision. Which means you can save your time, money and the hassle of finding the right person. So that your productivity is increased and you can focus on your core job.

Why you should prefer Somebuddy for b2b works?
  • Compare multiple quotations from experienced contractors.
  • Service at your convenient time.
  • Proper contracts with project deliveries and payment timelines.
  • No fuss, post the task and relax.
  • India’s first personalized service platform.
  • A team of experienced and polished contractors.
  • Save most precious resource, your TIME.
How to post a task?

Just call on 8999734754 or fill up the form given below to request a service.

Is there a charge per quotation?

There is a fee of just Rs. 150 per quotation that we bring for you for the following reason:

  • We just want to make sure that task poster is serious and he is not using us just for price inquiry.
  • When you request a quote the contractor has to visit the site and he has to dedicate his time. 

You’ll get this money back once you decide to proceed with a quotation.

What options of payment are available?

We appreciate digital payments but also accept cheque for bigger amounts.

Whom do I have to pay to?

Once the process is started you need to pay the amount to us, i.e. Somebuddy Technologies LLP and not directly to the contractor so as to provide security of your money.

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