Hiring Guide for Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur Or Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur

Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur Or Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur

Here in Somebuddy, we understand that a kitchen is a sacred place in India. Yes, some rituals have changed with time like in past we don’t enter in Kitchen room with footwear but we do Pooja of the kitchen in Diwali.

The  Modular kitchen Contractors in Nagpur can give you same old designs but we think designs should be customized and every Housewives has their own need.

Especially housewives like my mom they spend their half of day in the kitchen so it has to be the beautiful place with the modern touch. So I gifted her Modular kitchen Manufactured or prepared by Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur from Somebuddy.

The decreasing size of Indian houses increases the demand for the Modular Kitchen Designs. Because this increases space and offers maximum storage and workspace in the required place.

I prefer to hire Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur from Somebuddy and execute my customized design rather than buying it from some store.

Believe me buying and restoring that set of the Modular kitchen from the Modular kitchen Shop in Nagpur is another level of mess.

Different Types Of Layouts Of Modular Kitchens for New construction and Kitchen Renovation

The placements of Kitchen cabinets, counters, sink, and appliances. On different demands of different people, professionals had already designed some standard layouts of the Kitchen Designs.

However, you can customize these layouts as per space available, Budget and necessity. Here is the list of different layouts of Modular kitchens

Prepared by Professionals of Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur from Somebuddy, Take a look;

1) L- shaped Layout Modular Kitchen Design:

Professionals of Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur suggest that this layout design is best for both large and small spaces. If you are open Kitchen concept freak design this is the layout you are looking for.

Also good for modular apartments in Nagpur.

2) Island Layout Kitchen Design:

This Layout is good for large spaces and big families. You can set up a dining table in middle also just by adding some bar stools.

And there is ample space for preparing food as well. as suggested by  Professionals of Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur from Somebuddy.

3) Parallel Layout Modular kitchen Design:

According to  Professionals of Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur from Somebuddy this layout has two parallel countertops and multiple people can work simultaneously having no trouble.

Also, these parallel countertops are also loaded with cabinets for storage. good for Moderate to large houses and large or joint families.

4) U-shaped Layout Modular Kitchen Design:

According to  Professionals of Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur from Somebuddy if you have three walls of your Kitchen dedicated for Modular Kitchen you can go for U- shaped layout.

Can be adjusted according to space available so good for small, moderate size spaces. It also gives you more counter space with more room for cabinets.

5) Straight Layout Modular Kitchen:

This Layout states simplicity at its best. the most basic and simplest layout you can choose for your modular kitchen. Compact, Versatile and can fully optimize the available space.

If you have a small apartment or kitchen don’t look anywhere this layout is what you need as suggested by Professionals of Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur from Somebuddy.

Modular Kitchen Materials Suggested by Modular Kitchen Servies in Nagpur

Modular Kitchen Designs cab be brought to the real kitchen but we have different materials available now which one to choose and why?

Not to worry  Professionals of Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur from Somebuddy made the following list of different types of materials and their pros and cons. Check it out;

1) Particle Board Material:

Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur suggests Particleboard Material as a real pocket-friendly option and good for light usage. It is made from sawdust and the waste of wood. So it is not quite strong and cannot bear a lot of weight.

2) Fiberboard Material:

According to Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur, when we do some wood related work we always worried about termites.

Well, this is the option which is termite resistant. And more affordable alternative than wood and plywood. Made from wood fiber glued together with resins and hot pressured.

3) Plywood Material:

This option is costly and not termite friendly. However, they are also available termite resistant plywood in the Market. Plywood is quite a strong and durable made from sheets of veneer pressed with resins.

You can check with your Interior Designers in Nagpur for budget Friendly alternatives suggested Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur.

4) Wood Material:

Wood is more durable and strong and can suit any type of interior and available in the market by Dealers in Nagpur. But it is a costly option especially if you wanted a certain type of imported wood.

If you need guidance you can ask Our Service Experts or directly to Professionals of Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur from Somebuddy.

Types of different finishes of Modular kitchen Suggested by Modular Kitchen Dealers in Nagpur

Above was the list of material but the finish is what gives the look to the kitchen consider above material is like flesh and bone(Aluminium channel) and Finish is like skin color full, beautiful.

So here is the list of different types of Finishes you can find out in the market created by Professionals of Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur from Somebuddy.

1) Laminate Finish :

As the name suggests it is in laminate touch with an affordable price. If you are looking for heat and moisture resistant finish. Laminate Finish can be the right option for you.

2)  Acrylic Finish:

Acrylic Finish is costlier then Laminate Finish. and this will give your kitchen a Glossy look. And it can give appealing look to any type of kitchen. But it comes at a price and it is High maintenance.

3) PU Finish:

This Finish is easy to maintain for a long time and gives classy look to your kitchen. It comes in two shades matte and glossy.

Before choosing PU Finish to keep in mind that choose the shade of Finish based on the overall decor of your home. Its an affordable option.

4) Glass Finish:

Glass Finish is what gives Kitchen a heavy and classic look. Get glass shutters at your cabinets.

Parameters that decide the cost of your Kitchen work:

When we decide some House Renovation work we have some budget in mind. So our  Professionals of Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur from Somebuddy has suggested the following parameters in which the cost of  kitchen depends. Check this out;

  • Size of your Kitchen. More is the area more will be material required and the cost will increase.
  • The cabinet material and type of finish you choose.
  • The countertop and backsplash material you desire for.
  • Other appliances such as cabinet hardware etc.

If you want to buy best quality material at the cheapest rate. Here in Somebuddy, you can also compare the material rate from different reputed dealers. Do callous once before you finalize service is free.

An also our Professionals of Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur from Somebuddy will ensure that you are happy with your Modular kitchen design within your budget. Your dream Modular kitchen is just a click/call away.

Service Offered by Modular Kitchen Servies in Nagpur

 Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers:

 kitchen rack design, kitchen cabinet design, modular kitchen cupboard design and so on. Choose from a variety of designs or get one of your choices by sharing the kitchen Design catalog or kitchen Design photo with the  Professionals of Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur.

Civil Work:

This service includes the first layer of work such as painting, installation of kitchen slab, installing wall tiles and so on will be performed by Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur.

Cooktop And Chimney:

Cooktop and Chimney can be installed by Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur. This is installed after the basic structure of  Kitchen is Prepared.

Tick against this service for avail and install kitchen appliances such as cooktop and chimney.

How it works?

Search for house painters on the website to get to a questionnaire which records your requirements to help us understand the category of Modular Kitchen Servies in Nagpur.

You will need to answer questions, size of the Kitchen, areas which need work on, type of finish you would like to use for the interiors, interior spaces you would like to be added and your budget of the project.

Read and mark against the correct options carefully. You can also choose the type of finish & texture you would like to use for the interiors – Matte finish, high Sheen, and luxury soft sheen.

Once you select your preference for painting services, fill your location where you require the house painters and contact number to get in touch with the best Modular Kitchen Contractors in Nagpur.

Why Somebuddy?

How to find a Contractor for Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur or near me? is the questions every homeowner has in mind before planning their Home Renovation.

And they often go for an Online list of local Modular kitchen Services in Nagpur or say online directories (JD) who does not care about your Kitchen work is going well or not.

They just connect you with the random list of Local Labours and Contractors who had the account in their Directory. Whether we in Somebuddy we take full responsibility for your work. Followings are our values.

  1. A truly commission-free platform, we promise.

Yes, here in somebuddy we believe in transparent pricing policy. We believe that commissions make Modular Kitchen services in Nagpur way costlier than it was. In Nagpur material and labor both are costly as compared to that of other cities and states due to heavy taxes. We have different packages for your Kitchen project which will save your time, energy and money

   2. Quotation comparison.

This is the feature I want you to look at. Quotation comparison saves our customers money having an average value of 1 lakh rupees. And also helps our customer to understand the time period and scope of work. However, every  Modular Kitchen Contractors has its own scope of work so our customer can choose their desired quotation.

  • Eliminates overpricing.

When our contractor know that their quotation will be compared with each other so to acquire that site they will quote their best price and if you have 3 or more quotations you will get to know the actual price of your desired job.

  • Helps customer better understand the scope of work.

Quotation comparison helps our customer to know detailed process of work, time period, payment schedule etc so that our customer can know each and everything no hidden conditions and charges. As I said earlier we believe in transparency.

 3. No need to browse through online directories, calling & following up with  numerous people, simply post the task and relax

There will be no need to browse or post your requirement on other platforms or even talk to local non-vetted vendors. We ensure that each and every contractor in Somebuddy platform has at least 20 years of experience and they go through our 7 step screening process in which out of 10 only 3 are passed.

4. Win-win payment transfer for  Modular Kitchen Contractors and customer.

This will ensure that your money is safe during your Modular Kitchen Services in Nagpur. This payment process is developed after talking to various project management experts and people who have lost their money to faulty contractors. And more then 50 house owners said that if this process would have come earlier we will definitely use it.

5. Material Quotation Comparision And Home Delivery.

As you know contractors have their hidden commission with Dealers in Nagpur. Which is why you have to compare different quotations from different dealers You can compare the quotation of local Dealers or Manufactures in Nagpur and deliver to your home in a tab of the button.

And by comparing you can find out the cheapest one and you can figure out the difference. Although we also look over the quality of the material which is being delivered.

We also provide services for:

(Office, Retail space, Hospitality, Educational space, school, colleges, SME requirements like shed work etc, Lifestyle space, Medical facility, Others)

Are you in need of modular kitchen services?