How to Hire Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur

How to hire Professional Painters in Nagpur or Painting Contractors in Nagpur? Believe me that is the question lot of people ask to me and, out of the 10 only 4 owners are satisfied with their Painter’s or Painting Contractor’s Work.

Did you realize that a non-painted house is like a canvas waiting to get inspired?

For a Residential or Commercial  Property that you have lived in for several years, a new color palette or fresh paint can breathe new accent making it brand-new again 

Good paint quality and color palette can make your home stand out. Painted walls and your selected color palettes dictate your personality to guests and visitors.

The same is true for commercial buildings and offices a good interior and color of walls can add the boost in employees mood.

However, it is unlikely that a normal person with little or no experience will be able to do a passable job, leave alone a good one.

An important part of the identity of a home is best-taken care of by hiring Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur for Residential and Commercial Painting.


Why You Should Hire a Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur for Residential and Commercial Painting.

(Commercial Painting:- Office, Retail space, Hospitality, Educational space, school, colleges, SME requirements like shed work etc, Lifestyle space, Medical facility, Others)

When we buy branded paint or spend so much on purchasing painting material. It is obvious that we don’t want the painter to screw this up.

Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur can achieve good result and quality of work that we desire of.

Professional home painters in Nagpur understand that painting a house is about feeling and expectations rather than wet brushes swiping on the white canvas.

We should understand this and Hire a credible professional home painter in Nagpur rather than just hiring a random Painter from the list of painting contractors in Nagpur(JD) for Residential and Commercial Painting.

Here are some aspects that Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur take cares of:


  • Preparation of walls:

The walls need to be prepared before painting. Wall painters in Nagpur should check whether there is any kind of seepage or crack formation or not if any first wall should be treated before painting. The total paint cost may vary depending on the preparation required and area.  


  • Experience And Right Choices:

The finishing of work is the last but important step. The color that looked on brochure or google image can change a lot if not done in the right process. They can guide you through the whole process right from selecting colors to finish for your exterior house painting and interior house painting.  


  • Efficiency Of Professionals:

Professionals painters of Nagpur from somebuddy knows the amount of time needed to complete work with the quantity of material required giving quality service. They also explain the scope of work to customer hence believes in knowledge sharing and customer satisfaction.


  • Equipment Required:  

Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur can use their modern machine for painting and can add miscellaneous cost in quotations.


  •  Avoiding spills and marks:

 Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur encourages spill and mark free paint job. They will cover up the required furniture etc and also they will clean up remaining marks.


  • Time-Saving:

 Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur will submit a detailed quotation specifying time schedule and scope of work so that you can know the date of handover to prepare yourself.


  • Quality check:

Hiring Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur ensures high-quality results. They will ensure clean lines with Afro tape if required.


Different Types of paints Available for walls:

After finalizing the requirement of painting we must choose the type of paint required depending on our requirement and desired output.

Paints are classified depending on several factors but two important factors are composition and type of finish.

To pick the best choice it’s important to understand the differences in their types. Composition paints are classified as water based or oil based. However, sometimes you can find the composition of those two.

Here are different types of paints prepared by somebuddy and  Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur


  • Enamel:

They are oil-based paints. These are mainly used for painting metal and wooden surfaces and not walls. However, some enamel paints are sometimes useful for bedroom painting etc.


  • Latex Paints:

Professional home painters in Nagpur says that these type of paints are water-based even though paint doesn’t contain latex. These are the very popular type of paint and very common when you go shopping for Interior wall Painting or Exterior wall painting.


  • Alkyd paints:

The alkyd paints gives a flat or matte finish with enamel paint variant. They can be easily cleaned up with mineral spirits. Note: Most emulsions cannot be cleaned up by mineral spirits.


  • Emulsions:

They are water-based paints and used for Exterior wall painting rather then interiors. They are also known as plastic paints. Most of the brands offer Emulsions as a mid-end or high-end product. Emulsions are able to protect your residential or commercial property from dust, moisture, rain, pollutants, etc.


  • Distempers:

They are essentially lime or chalk based paints. This is the closest substitute for ‘chuna’ used in modern urban homes. It is cheap but you have to paint it frequently. They are losing their popularity due to their low-life span and common problems of chalking and faking.


  • Acyclic Paints:

They are also known as binders, and are much more durable then non-acyclic paints. Acyclic paints can be both water and oil based.

Generally, people find water-based acyclic paint more easily in the market rather than oil-based acyclic paint and can be easily be washed with water or mild soap detergent and can be a good option for house painting in Nagpur.


  • Lime wash (CHUNA):

Yes, this is chuna very popular for painting interiors of houses in the mid-90s. But it is avoided in modern homes and commercial buildings. They need frequent paintings and has problems of faking and chalking and they are not Environment-friendly.  


Different types Of Finish Available in Market

Most often people take most of their time in choosing house paints rather than the finish of paints. Actually, the finish of the paint and type are the main composition of cost. And the finish is the real game changer here.

You can choose the same color palette as that of the interior brochure but if the finish is different whole look will change.

So let’s see the list of different types of finishes available in market prepared by Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur.

The list is arranged in order of decreasing gloss or shine for Residential and Commercial Painting.


  • Gloss Finish:

They have most reflective finish hence it is number one in our list. They display the aura of rich, luxury and extravagance. With the quality and experienced hands of Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur these paint can do wonders for your Residential and Commercial Painting.

They are long lasting durable and easily washable with water or simple soap trust me you would not require soap as they are stain free also.

The gloss is generally used in areas like kitchen, bathrooms, open areas, kids room etc. You can find a gloss finish for metal or wooden surfaces also.


  • Semi-Gloss Finish:

They have noticeable shine and can be used in busy areas and surfaces with a lot of wear. Generally, they are used to redirect light to the less ambient surface.

The shiny surface highlights imperfections so it is advisable to hire professionals. These paints are not ideal for rough surfaces and ceilings painting work in Nagpur for Residential and Commercial Painting.


  • Satin Finish:

These paints are like Eggshell paints but have the smooth finish. Please don’t confuse semigloss and gloss paint with Satin Finish paint because most manufacturers are confused so be careful while shopping.

With good lighting Satin Finish can brighten up the wall and room if lighting is proper. As it can highlight imperfections wall must be perfectly smooth for Interior house painting.


  • Eggshell Finish:

Clearly you can observe sheen in this type of paint. Moreover, these paints have a slightly rough texture just like an eggshell. They are not as shiny as Gloss but are more reflective than matte.

As they have a slightly rough surface they can hide small imperfection left by Painters in Nagpur and they require less number of coats then a matte finish.


  • Matte Enamel Finish:

They are just a variant of regular matte finish. Matte Enamel Finish is oil based, unlike regular matte finish which is water based. They are non-glossy finish, unlike regular matte. They are useful for both metal and wood surfaces and interior walls.

As Matt enamel Finish is washable and durable they can be used in kitchens and bathrooms and its also easy for wall painters to do house painting with this finish.


  • Matte Finish:

They have a lot common with a flat finish. However Matte finish paints have been far long around then flat paints. Unlike flat finish paints they have the smooth texture, think of a velvet-like texture.

Remember that add of Dulux in which Katrina just swings over violet velvet silk-like cloth over her walls just like that. They can hide imperfections well so it is a good choice for ceilings.

It can require several coats for desirable results and also good for your Residential and Commercial Painting.


  • Flat Finish:

This is least reflective finish paint available that’s why it is last in this list. They work on the mechanism of absorbing rather than of reflecting.

The flat finish paints are not that common in India as that of Matte finish paints. Best for the rough look, rusty look to your Interior of the house.


Wall Paints Classified by Room type Suggested by Painting Contractors in Nagpur

After seeing the types of Paints and Finishes you should be asking yourself that every type of paint and finish has their purpose so what kind should be used in which room.

So here are our recommendations from Professional Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur.


  • Living Room/Drawing Room/ Hall:

Hall is usually the largest room in urban modern Indian houses. Hall represents your personality as guests and visitors first enter the hall. You can use 100% Acrylic paint.

Preferably Latex Acrylic for this important type of room. Although you can also use the Matte finish or eggshell type of paint with good lighting and yes it is stain free.

Avoid using Gloss unless you are trying to get a certain look suggested by Painters in Nagpur.


  • Bathrooms:

Where the major contributor is water the enemy of whitewashed walls. Most of the people use tiles but some love good paint in the bathroom explained by Painters in Nagpur.

You will need a water-resistant, durable type of paint. So, it can be Latex enamel or washable acrylics Or semi-gloss and gloss also do well. Some people also try Satin but it can be an expensive option.


  • Bedrooms:

Painters in Nagpur states that the bedroom seems to have less traffic than any other room. So no need to worry about stains etc. In the bedroom, it is advisable to have walls without glare whether you like to read, Wath TV, or work on your laptop late night.

So clearly you can go with 100% Acrylic Latex Flat, matte, Egg-shell or satin will be good.


  • Kitchen:

Oil is the Main ingredient of Indian dishes so our kitchen generates more oily droplets and let’s face it chimney won’t help you to get rid of it Period. So most people use tiles cause wall near stove feel burnt.

So the walls of the kitchen should be durable and easy to clean which leaves you with choice of Latex enamel or  Latex acrylic. Gloss or semi-gloss can be used as it is washable as per the guidance of Painters in Nagpur.


  • Hallways and corridors:

The right choice depends on the traffic in your hallway and elevation structure. If traffic is less you can use Matte or Flat finish. And if traffic is more you can go with Gloss or semi-gloss.


  • Children’s Bedroom:

For older children, You can use the same type of paint as that of your bedroom. Older children didn’t draw their creativity on walls like that of younger children.

Young children treat their bedroom walls like the blackboard so their bedroom walls should be durable and easy to clean.

And young children prefer more bright colors. But For the children’s bedroom, you should be careful they are more sensitive towards organic compounds. So their room paint should have Low- Volatile Organic Compounds.

With all that in mind 100% washable acrylic latex or even latex enamel and low-VOC. Satin can be preferred.


  • Ceilings:

Ceilings are generally had more imperfections and not needed to worry much about stains and ceilings doesn’t need to wash. So ideal ceiling paint is 100% Acrylic or water- based distemper. Flat or Matte is best. Or maybe Egg-shell paint type is good.


Hire Painters in Nagpur or Painting Contractors in Nagpur from Somebuddy for Residential and Commercial Painting

At Somebuddy we go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All our professional partners are experienced and had a solid track record. Each individual is only approved by our seven-step screening process and of course Background check.

So you had no need to worry about security and by our quotation comparison feature, you can surely be assured to have an appropriate costing of your paint job.

Once you provide your information it will be forwarded to different Hire Painters in Nagpur or Painting Contractors in Nagpur from somebuddy for Residential and Commercial Painting.

And they will visit your site and submit a detailed quotation online so that you can compare different quotation select your choice and that’s it leave to rest on us.

This will save you from a lot of headache and time-wasting trust me and we guarantee quality.

Painting your dream home is not an easy job we have to fulfill every expectation of our consumer.

So here is the detailed stepwise process to hire Painters or Painting Contractors in Nagpur for Residential and Commercial Painting.


  • To start the process, simply visit our website Somebuddy .in.
  • Click on the link “Painters” under the “Contractors for home repair” heading. Or, you can type “Painters in Nagpur” in the search bar. Nagpur is selected as the city by default.
  • You will get a pop-up questionnaire that will help us get an idea of what you need. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
  • The first question will be about the place that you want to get painted. Choose from the three options given: Residential or Commercial Painting or property on rent.
  • The next screen will mention Somebuddy’s Promise to its customers in terms of Rate Card transparency, high-quality service, on-time service delivery etc. Read and then click on the “Next” button.
  • Then, select whether you need the interior or exterior to be painted
  • Based on your choice in Step 6, if you chose “Interior”: Choose whether you want the full house (space) or just selected spaces (areas). If you chose “Full House”, then pick the size of your house: 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK+, Independent House/Villa/Penthouse. Or choose Commercial property then select property type Educational, Hospitality etc. If you chose “Selected Spaces”,
  • Then pick the spaces you are looking to get painted: Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, other spaces. Choose if you want all the walls to be painted or just a few and then select the size of your house.
  • This way you can easily find interior painters for your space. Next, choose the type of paint you would prefer. You have the options such as Oil-based Distemper, Tractor Emulsions, Premium Emulsions, Luxury Emulsions, and Super Luxury Paint. If you choose “Exterior” in Step 
  • Choose whether you want all four exterior walls painted or just the front and back. Then, select the area of the plot on which the structure stands. Next, choose the type of exterior house paint you would prefer: Exterior emulsions or Premium Emulsion Paints.
  • Pick the preferable time frame for the work to start: Immediately, Within a month or After 1 month.
  • Enter your location and then enter your phone number to get an OTP or use your Google or Facebook credentials to sign in.

The only change in the color of the walls is not enough, check out these Nagpur Interior Designers for more ideas about the decor that’ll go with the paint for Residential and Commercial Painting.


Know about the painting rates in Nagpur  here:

Below is the Table of rates of Painting in Nagpur.


Painting Items Sq.Ft/


Labour Charges With Material Charges
Primer 2 coat putty Sq.Ft/ 6.00 12.00
3 coat Birla putty, 3 coat plastic paint Sq.Ft/ 10.00 22.00
3 coat Birla putty, 3 coat Royal Paint Sq.Ft/ 12.00 25.00
3 coat Birla putty, 3 coat Lustre paint Sq.Ft/ 15.00 30.00
Birla putty + simple putty+ 2 coat tractor emulsion Sq.Ft/ 10.00 20.00
1 coat Birla white +2 coat Ace paint (Outer) Sq.Ft/ 5.00 15.00
1 coat Birla white + 2 coat Apex paint (Outer) Sq.Ft/ 5.00 18.00
1 coat Birla white + 2 coat Ultima paint (Outer) Sq.Ft/ 5.00 24.00
Simple Polish R.Ft 15.00 Sq.Ft  30.00
Melamine Polish R.Ft 35.00 Sq.Ft  70.50


Above is the not the standard costing it may vary for different  Painting Contractors in Nagpur or Painters in Nagpur. And above is the cost of painting a house per square foot. And applicable for both Residential and Commercial Painting.


How it works?

Search for house painters on the website to get to a questionnaire which records your requirements to help us understand the category of painting service.

You will need to answer questions such as the type of property you would like to get painted. 

Like size of the house or commercial property , total carpet area of your Residential or Commercial Painting property, areas which need work on , type of finish you would like to use for the interiors, interior spaces you would like to be painted, number of bedrooms to be painted and your budget of the project.

Read and mark against the correct options carefully. You can also choose the type of finish & texture you would like to use for the interiors – Matte finish, high Sheen, and luxury soft sheen.

Once you select your preference for painting services, fill your location where you require the house painters and contact number to get in touch with the best Professional Painters in Nagpur from somebuddy and also house painting contractors near you.


Why You should Hire Painters in Nagpur from Somebuddy?

How to find a contractor for house Painting or How to find Painting Contractors near me? are the questions every homeowner has in mind before planning their Painting requirement.

And they often go for an Online list of local Painting Contractors in Nagpur or say online directories (JD) who does not care about your house Painting is going good or Whether the contractor left or not.

They just connect you with the random list of Local Painters and Painting Contractors who had the account in their Directory. Whether we in Somebuddy we take full responsibility for your work. And Followings are our values.


 1. Truly commission-free platform, we promise.

Yes, here in somebuddy we believe in transparent pricing policy. We believe that commissions make services way costlier than it was. In Nagpur material and labor both are costly as compared to that of other cities and states due to heavy taxes. We have different packages for project management which will save your time, energy and money.


     2. Quotation comparison.

This is the feature I want you to look at. Quotation comparison saves our customers money having an average value of 1 lakh rupees. And also helps our customer to understand the time period and scope of work. However, every contractor has its own scope of work so our customer can choose their desired quotation.

  • Eliminates overpricing.

When our Painting Contractors or Painters in Nagpur know that their quotation will be compared with each other so to acquire that site they will quote their best price and if you have 3 or more quotations you will get to know the actual price of your desired job.

  • Helps customer better understand the scope of work.

Quotation comparison helps our customer to know detailed process of work, time period, payment schedule etc so that our customer can know each and everything no hidden conditions and charges applied by Painters in Nagpur. As I said earlier we believe in transparency.


     3. No need to browse through online directories, calling & following up with  numerous people, simply post the task and relax

There will be no need to browse or post your requirement on other platforms or even talk to local non-vetted vendors. We ensure that each and every  Painting Contractors or Painters in Nagpur Somebuddy platform has at least 20 years of experience and they go through our 7 step screening process in which out of 10 only 3 are passed.


4. Win-win payment transfer for Painting Painters in Nagpur and customer.

This will ensure that your money is safe. This payment process is developed after talking to various project management experts and people who have lost their money to faulty Painting contractors or Painters in Nagpur. And more then 50 house owners said that if this process would have come earlier we will definitely use it.


5. Material Quotation Comparision And Home Delivery.

As you know contractors have their hidden commission with Material dealers. Which is why you have to compare different quotations from different dealers You can compare the quotation of local Material Dealers in Nagpur and deliver to your home in a tab of the button.

And by comparing you can find out the cheapest one and you can figure out the difference. Although we also look over the quality of material which is being delivered.


Services offered

  • Residential Painting :- 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK & more than 5 BHK, Flat , Duplexes etc
  • Commercial Painting:- Office, Retail space, Hospitality, Educational space, school, colleges, SMEs, Lifestyle space, Medical facility, Others.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the need for house painting?
  • What are the benefits of getting the painting done by somebuddy?
  • How much time do interior painters and exterior painters take?

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